Fashion Colour

Fashion Colour

At Executive Hair, outstanding quality and colour expertise are our priority.Being a Wella Professional Master Colour Expert, credits us with one of the most significant and well recognized colour accolade in the industry.

What makes WELLA ‘KOLESTON PERFECT’, Perfect?

Gentle – low irritant.
Leaves hair conditioned and protected thanks to Wella advanced technology in hair colouring.
Perfect for white/grey hair to give a rich natural colour.
Will give the hair 65% more shine.
Even tones to the hair.

Wella ILLUMINA Colour

See colour in a new light. Introducing new ILLUMINA Colour by Wella Professionals.
More than a Colour- A wonder of light.
Up to 70% more light reflexion. A superior look and feel.
You will be amazed by the results.
ILLUMINA COLOR is a premium brand that introduces the wonder of light to the Wella Professionals portfolio.
Sheer color that’s luminous in every kind of light.
Superior Light Reflection.
Superior Hair Protection.
Up to 100% grey/white coverage with a sheer result.

Three steps for perfect colour results:

Step 1.
COLOUR NAVIGATOR: Prepares the hair for perfect colour results. How? Koleston Perfect deposits lipids onto the porous areas of the hair which balances and evens porosity from roots to ends creating a perfect canvas for colouring.

Step 2.
COLOUR INTENSE: High density multi-colour molecules deposit deeply into the cortex creating the most intense colour results. This combined with the Welloxon Perfect conditioning activator enables a gentle lift and deposit action whilst maintaining superior condition without harm to the hair.

Step 3.
SHINE GUARD: Shields the cuticle with long lasting shine. How? Shine enhancers lock together with the high density colour molecules to form lasting shine deep within the hair structure. Finally, a lipid coating forms a protective barrier around each individual hair strand for the ultimate cosmetic shine & protection.

Introducing Colour Touch


New Color Touch with Light2Color complex puts the highest standards of semi-permanent colour in our hands. Create hyper-natural nuances and an irresistible play on light thanks to the sophisticated mix of light-reflecting ingredients and iridescent colour: a myriad of tonal effects that dance with light.


With up to 57% more multifaceted colour and up to 63% more shine*, thanks to its gentle ammonia-free formula.

Whats new and different ?


Improved colour results: up to 57% more multifaceted colour*
Improved shine: up to 63% more shine*
Improved tone durability: no tonal shifting
Improved fragrance
*compared with untreated hair


Color Touch represents the highest standards of technical excellence, delivering stunning levels of multifaceted colour through its new Light2Color Complex.Appeal to their innate individuality with 4 colour and shine services that can be tailored to every client:

A touch of vibrancy

Blending colors and colors fading from one color into the other color without any demarcation line gives you a look that is almost beyond being natural

A Touch Of Gloss

Natural colors are a big seasonal trend. By using simple principles in color combination, application and placement you can create natural color results that “pop out” and naturally come alive, from subtle enhancement to transformational natural looks.

A Touch Of Nature

Different colors are exposed depending on the light reflection and perspective so you cannot tell where one color starts and where it ends for incredibly natural looks!

A Touch Of Sun

Discover the new Color Touch Champagne blonde shade, to add more depth and dimension to your hair.